Debunking the Miss Perigrine Photo

There are a few click-bait websites out there.
They don’t bother with fact-checking or truth.
I found this photo on one and got kinda mad.
See, this is not even an old photograph. At least, I could find no mention of it on the web before 2011, when the book in which it was published came out.
The “mystery” in the photo is solved far more easily when one simply flips it upside down:
Now the photo is quite obviously a composite of two completely different pictures. The “Water” in the upright photo is actually a different picture which was trimmed to fit. Because there is more sky visible in the “top” image as viewed right-side-up, the eye and the brain automatically decide that the bottom image is a reflection in the “water.”
However, even a cursory glance at the inverted photo reveals that NONE of the supposedly “reflected” objects match in any way. And it’s not just ripples in the “water,” either.
Ripples do not change statuary and they certainly do not render (undistorted) trees visible through stone markers.