On Gender and Religion

For the longest time, academia in general and gender studies in particular have been informed by those with no personal experience or understanding of what it is to BE trans*.
Science has been vulnerable to sexism for a very long time, and cisexism is EVERYWHERE, especially in science.
The entire Idea that gender is tied to physical markers of any kind is the real error.
Therefore, that error cannot be “corrected” with surgery.
It can only be corrected when the society itself [re-]discovers that gender is defined by the mind, not the body.

Also, for those with a theological bent, this implies that the current interpretation of the Bible as condemning what is now considered to be “homosexuality” is erroneous.
Since every singe person occupies their own unique position on the gender spectrum, there is no such thing as “homosexuality.”
With that Idea in mind, a reading of Leviticus doesn’t condemn two males or two females lying together: It condemns the Idea that homosexuality is even possible.

Here’s the $64,000 question:

How many agendas, personal, political and financial, do you think would be threatened by a mass realization of the above?

For starters, it would eliminate an entire billion-dollar industry built around the “homosexual lifestyle.”

It would put MANY churches out of business.

It would revolutionize gender studies and inform the sciences for the next hundred years. [No more, “gender dysphoria.”]

But above all, it would free so many of us who labor under the yolk of gender tyranny….at work, at home, in court, in jails and prisons across the country and around the world.

A LOT of poor people would no longer be weighed down by this massive thing that gender has become for so many: not just we trans*, but all women and yes, even the men would be healed by the realization that gender is not based on anatomy.

I envision here nothing less than a sharp decline in sex crimes of all kinds; rape, pedophilia, stalking, lewd acts…….the works.

Imagine that…….