The Chemtrail Problem; or, “Why the Chemtrail Conspiracy is NOT Real.”

I have investigated the recent, rapid spread of this scare tactic and have discovered the source of this laughable notion.

The source is Natural Gas developers who are trying to misdirect the attention of all the suspicious, curious people who are willing to believe that a resource development firm might not be terribly scrupulous about the ways in which it pursues profit.

Chemtrails are the myth.

The reality is much more mundane but no less insidious: Hydraulic fracturing (fracking) is the means by which natural gas is drawn from the Earth. Natural gas pockets are plentiful at relatively shallow depths, but the gas will not send itself up a pipe under its own pressure like oil will. It is not possible to suck the gas up the mile-long pipe like a straw because there is no source of pressure on the surface of the gas. To create the needed pressure, a toxic soup of over 600 chemicals in a bunch of water and sand is driven down a second bore near the first. The theory is this drives the gas up the other pipe, and nowhere else.
The company claims to recover 65-85% of the dirty water. This is nowhere near accurate, as they are allowed to count water they never used as “recovered.” Also, common sense says if you need the dirty water to force the gas out, then you will need something to force out the dirty water. You can’t just suck it out because if you could, why not just suck out the much lighter gas instead of the dirty water? If you send a cat in after the mouse, you will need a dog to go in after the cat. Duh.

The whole chemtrail thing is here to get us focused on the sky instead of the very ground beneath our feet.
Now, most of the common-sense ways to utterly debunk the whole chemtrail nonsense do not apply to fracking.

The top three reasons Chemtrails are bullshit:

a. EARTH’S AIR VOLUME IS INSANELY HUGE. The volume of free air on Earth’s surface is calculable. That volume is about 12 billion cubic miles.

A cubic mile is a mile on x, one on y and another on z. There are over 12 billion of these on the Earth’s surface if we stick to the Karman Limit of about 63 miles up as being where the atmosphere stops.

The payload capacity of a super-secret air tanker able to carry and dispense twice the weight of an An-225(the world’s largest air vehicle–only two exist) would be one million pounds. To make this easy, say the chemical has an average density exactly halfway between air and water at sea level. Then, we suppose there are a MILLION of these super-sized planes in the air at any given moment all day, every day, until the entire atmosphere is soaked in this chemtrail crap.
It would take 602 years to bake the Earth’s atmosphere with whatever the chem is.

b. THE AIR IS IN MOTION. The atmosphere is not static. It moves, and there is an actual “air river” system encircling the globe which pretty much guarantees that all of the air on Earth is rotated on a bi-weekly basis. Which means that one would have to soak ALL of the air to poison it effectively, not just the stuff at the bottom right now.

c. WE BREATHE IT, THEY BREATHE IT. Anyone interested in poisoning all of us in this way would not be able to avoid poisoning themselves also, unless they took to wearing gas masks out of doors. Then the jig would be up for sure.

Now, NONE of these limitations apply to poisoning the ground. Military strategists know how easy it is to precisely enbarren the landscape of a very narrow area so as to avoid contaminating friendly soil.
This requires one to taint merely the top four inches of soil to be completely certain that nothing will grow there for a given time.
Now, fracking injects hundreds of thousands of gallons of carcinogenic, mutagenic contaminated water into the ground at relatively shallow depths(often under a mile), the chemicals in which percolate back up through the ground to the surface. It takes time and happens slowly, but it utterly destroys every living thing on the surface.
The ground is essentially static, so if you poison one patch of it now, those poisons are likely to remain there for a long time.
And finally, if you poison your neighbor’s backyard, chances are really good that your own will be unaffected if you used the right stuff at the right depth.