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I like your opinion, Dee, but I must respectfully offer a few criticisms on a few key points:
1. Violence, by definition, has no “nomenclature.” Violence is not verbal. For those who say it is, the solution is simple: Grow a thicker skin.
2. While I certainly agree that some words have no place in polite conversation, I suppose that no conversation about oppression can BE polite. Oppression is rude, and talking about oppression is also rude. But so what? Without a dialog on oppression, it will continue, which is worse than rude; it is unjust.
3. The reason RP:DR was wrong to do what they did was not because it is/was provocative. It’s because it was perceived as a validation of such conduct by someone who is incorrectly associated with the trans* community. Ru Paul is a gay man; he is a performer, not a trans* person.
4. While I would agree we are making a mountain out of a molehill, that doesn’t discount the notion that a billion molehills make a mountain.
5. There comes a time when those who had to come together for defense or other strategic reasons find that the elements which originally united them are less; the landscape has changed and now it would be best if we went our separate ways. The gay community was never really on our side, and we were never on theirs. We just happened to be at the same bar in New York one night when the cops came by for one of their usual gay-bashing raids. Then my sisters rose as one and beat the crap out of them. Just really broke it off in their asses. Then the world started paying attention.
Unfortunately, what they paid attention to were many of the wrong issues. The liberation of the gay community was supposed to be our liberation, too. But when gays got to Washington and Wall Street, Hollywood was not far behind.
Strangely, somewhere between Stonewall and the Haight-Ashbury, we were left behind. Our contribution to equality was done, so we were cast aside. I see a pattern in that result which I have spotted in various misogynistic behavior where the boys (who were the vast majority of gay-identified people at the time) get what they need from the ladies (those brave shoe-wielding trannies) and split. Once we are out on our asses (8 of 10 state civil rights changes protecting sexuality notably excluded protection for trans* people) we were told not to complain so loudly because really, what did we expect? We are freaks and weirdos, “gay boys dressed as girls” at best, “men who think they’re women” at worst. We didn’t REALLY think we were along for the ride, did we?
It was our car, you bastards. It was our gas and it was our guts which got us out of the jungle together. Now that we glimpse triumph on the horizon, and you’re sure that your limp wrists can flap you that far, you lousy bastards throw us off our own damn train.
Keeping in mind that is directed solely at those gay-identified people who have expressed interest in separating (as opposed to merely distinguishing) our needs from theirs and excluding us from “their” anti-discrimination laws. Those turn-coats who think the warriors who carried their lazy, scared asses this far are just going to keep helping them despite their treatment of us.
All of the Sheila Jeffrey’s and Ru Paul’s of the world are simply men: They take what they want from those whose birthright it is in order to stand on it, screw it, exploit it and leach every dime out of it they can before there’s just nothing left.
The foregoing statement is an example of what I would call an inflammatory generalization. It throws a whole group of people into a barrel based on one statistic the personal significance of which varies from one person to the next. Some of the men in that barrel, for instance, would not belong there if taken individually.
The same thing applies to any struggle. Some of the issues on the trans* platform simply do not belong there. Two of them are which bathroom the “trannies” use. These subjects simply cast light away from the main theme of the trans* struggle right now: Not being in poverty and not being murdered/raped/robbed/beaten. Once we can clear those hurdles, it will be perhaps time to focus on the bathrooms and the trannies.

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